When you finish a TV show…

I recently finished my binge watching of all seven seasons of “The West Wing.” And now I don’t know what to do with my life.

I had to watch a really good show, too. So it’s one I can’t get over just like that. I can’t decide what I should be watching now because nothing else compares. Now I’m going through different stages of withdrawal.

Stage 1: I can find something else to watch! I need to find something else to watch. Let me just search Netflix and Hulu.

Stage 2: There’s literally nothing I want to watch right now. Unless it’s the show I just finished. Is it too soon to re-watch?

Stage 3: I’ll start trying to watch some cool indie show everyone talks about. Who am I kidding I can never finish this. Is there something wrong with me? Because I just do not get “The X Files.”

Stage 4: Must google everything ever written about the show I just finished. I need to know everything humanly possible about it. It’s the love of my life.

Stage 5: Speaking of being in love — is it weird I haven’t eaten or gone outside in three days?

Stage 6: I keep thinking about what the characters are doing now. Are they all still friends? Gosh, I hope so. Also, what ever happened to that weird storyline with the famous guest star that never really got resolved in season three?

Stage 7: OK I’m just going to read a tiny little bit of fanfiction. Just a small amount. Then I will admit it to no one. Ever.

Stage 8: Maybe I’ll just go watch everything my favorite actor from the show has ever been in: crappy B movies (and even some C ones), old TV pilots, an old and scary YouTube recording of the first play they ever performed in.

Stage 9: Wait. Is it not as crazy if I just go back through the seasons and watch my favorite episodes? That doesn’t at all sound tedious and obsessive, right?

Stage 10: Screw it! I’m watching the whole series over again! Life finally has meaning again.




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