5 Things to Remember While Watching the Emmys

This Sunday marks another Primetime Emmy Awards. And, as we know, the Emmys frustrate me the most out of all the award shows during Award Season. But this year? This year is different. This year I’m actually excited for the Emmys. It’s mostly because Emmy realized they were doing things like crazy people in the comedy categories so they finally changed the rules. Plus that whole Andy Samberg hosting thing.

So to celebrate my excitement I wanted to share five mind-blowing facts about the Emmys that change the way you think about how awards in Hollywood are given out. Because it’s fascinating. And the Emmys are nutty.

  1. You have to submit episodes to be considered for a nomination. This one is sort of obvious. Just like any award ceremony us common folk hold, you usually have to submit your work for it to be in the running for the actual award. With the Emmys, you have to submit a specific episode depending on the category. So for example: A show technically doesn’t win an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for the entire season. Nope, it’s technically just for a single episode, whichever one the producers/writers/boss people in charge choose to submit. It’s also important to remember that with any Emmy category, not every thing or person is nominated just because they submitted an episode. Think of all the TV shows out there. The ones that rack up the Emmy nominations make upย  just a small fraction of television.
  2. It goes for acting categories, too. If you’re an actor on a show you also need to submit an episode to be considered for an Emmy nom. They don’t ever acknowledge this on the show, but it’s a way for the actor to say “Hey, Emmy! This was probably my best work this year. Which means it’s the best example of why you should vote for me!” And, unfortunately, the main acting categories in both Drama and Comedy are small. That means that even when a deserving actor submits themselves in hopes they can get an Emmy nomination, it may not happen. Ever find yourself wondering why Mindy Kaling has never gotten a Best Actress in a Comedy nom? Or even why host Andy Samberg nabbed a Golden Globe for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but couldn’t even be nominated for an Emmy? Chances are they probably submitted an episode for consideration, but competition is fierce.
  3. The telecast changes networks every year. This is kind of a fun one. Since television is a whole beautiful world of its own, the main networks switch-off every year in who gets to televise the show. Last year it was NBC. This year it’s FOX. Next year it will probably be CBS. This is a tradition that seems to say that the networks stand together in Emmy, even though they compete for ratings any other time of year. And, if you think about it, the host automatically comes with the corresponding network. Last year NBC guy Seth Meyers hosted, while Andy Samberg will represent FOX this year. Interesting, right?!
  4. Creative Arts Emmys are a thing! Basically it’s the pre-Emmys Emmy show that gets all the boring awards like lighting, sound, and makeup out of the way. It’s also where the guest acting categories are announced, unfortunately (they are just always really fun to me).
  5. If you win an Emmy, you technically have to pay for it. Yup, you read that right. It costs about $400 to make the physical Emmy statue and if you end up winning you have to either give it back at the end of the night or pay for it. Seriously. You still get the title of winning, but you have to pay to keep the statue that says you won. Hey, Emmy- you’re ridiculous!


The 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday, September 20th at 8ET/7CT on FOX.



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