Shows I’m Watching This Fall

And fall TV has finally begun again! If last week’s Emmys proved anything, it’s that not all great TV shows get the awards. And not all popular shows are worth the hype. On Tuesday I tuned into FOX to watch its much talked about “Scream Queens.” And guess what? It was a level of awful that I didn’t think Ryan Murphy was capable of reaching at this point in his career. It’s “Mean Girls” meets slasher movies, but instead of being ironically funny because of how mean sorority girls are, it’s just plain mean and nothing else.

The reason so many new shows get canceled is because they are just not quality programming. No wonder there’s only ever a few new shows that make it out of the gate and away from the network axe. Although I’ll be continuing to check out new shows this year, I’ve got my old favorites I’ll be sticking to.

Here’s what I’m watching:


There are very few dramas I actually enjoy. I’m a comedy girl after all. Plus, once you’ve lived the glory that is “The West Wing” everything else is kind of a waste of time. But when I do sit down to enjoy a drama I guess I just go for the cliche shows anyway…

Grey’s Anatomy– Twelve seasons and so many character deaths and I still watch it every week. Maybe it’s because I’m just fascinated in general by a long-running show that people still love. I mean, I remember being in grade school (GRADE SCHOOL!) when this show started. My mom never let me watch it with her because, well, it’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Scandal– OK, if you’re sensing a theme here let me just tell you that they’re all on the same night, one right after another. Shondra Rhimes and ABC really know how to market things people! But, like most things I watch, I just tune into this one for one particular reason (actor): Joshua Malina. I mean, that dude was on “The West Wing!” And he is awesome and funny in general (I’m sure if he read this he would be elated).

How to Get Away With Murder– OK listen, I’ve been having a hard time deciding if I actually like HTGAWM. I think I do, but I’m just not sure yet. That’s why I have to keep watching. I’m hoping to figure it out this year. And with these drama shows, I think I like the possibility that they won’t be ending anytime soon. They have enough to them to sustain themselves unlike a lot of other shows.


Mom– In a lot of ways a Chuck Lorre show is not classy. But there’s something about “Mom” that I generally enjoy. The plot is thick with alcohol and unruly kid problems and it’s more than just dumb laughs. In keeping with TWW alumns, Allison Janney is the coolest mom/grandma ever on this show. And Anna Faris isn’t so bad either. It’s funny but heartfelt and just about the only multi-cam I’ve enjoyed lately. It’s not super well-known, though. It’s a diamond in the rough.

The Mindy Project– We all know Mindy Kaling is great. Her show got the axe from FOX and moved to Hulu mainly because it’s almost to fast and witty for most people to understand. That’s why it needed to be on streaming anyway. Only the most avid of comedy consumer can truly appreciate Kaling’s gifts. So what if her character is now having a baby on the show? It’s interesting. It’s different. For the love of all that is holy, we need a little different in comedy right now.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine– Now that we no longer have “Parks and Rec,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the best network comedy. But, like “Mom,” it seems to be a diamond in the rough. It’s both fast and funny. It combines Andy Samberg’s immature sense of humor with the sharp whit of Mike Schur and somehow balances itself off in the middle. It’s got a great ship (Jake and Amy) and all the supporting performances are consistently funny week after week. I could go on for days, but that would be like having to listen to me talk about TWW more.

Modern Family– As much as I hate to admit I like this popular and simple of a show, I really do. It’s on in the middle of the week, almost like an award that we get for surviving hump day. The stories are always fun and the closeness of the family reminds me of my own family. It’s a nice little chunk of home right in the middle of the week.

Veep– Although the fifth season of this show has been confirmed, there’s no official date for the return yet. But that’s giving me plenty of time to catch up on it! I recently started watching and I love it. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of my favorite human beings. She could do anything and I’d watch it. This show is not for the faint of heart, though. Like TWW, there’s a lot of political talk and the comedy comes from character’s stupidity and that can sometimes be hard to watch. It’s one of those specific comedies that isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea.

New Girl– Not sure when this one will be back yet, but it’s an old favorite. It’s quirky and often makes me laugh the hardest (sometimes for reasons I can’t understand). It’s good and, although it has faltered at times, it’s becoming more of a consistently funny institution.


Saturday Night Live– Those who know me know that SNL is my one true love. Like most comedies, it’s not always for everyone. It falters a lot and has had a lot of writer/cast member change-ups in the last year but it’s historical and important to have around. It’s old-reliable. And I pray that this be the year people get on board with Colin Jost. Onward to season 41!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert– The last few weeks have shown what I’ve always suspected about the real Stephen Colbert: He’s quite awesome. Not as showy as Fallon and not as rude as Kimmel. He’s somewhere inbetween. And I’ve been enjoying it. It’s hard to switch back between Colbert and Fallon (the guest more often than not is the deciding factor), but I like a challenge. And I’m glad Colbert is on a network.

Late Night with Seth Meyers– SNL may be my one true love, but Seth Meyers comes a close second. His show has really come into its own recently. He’s getting great guests and has seemingly mastered the pre-taped bit quite nicely. I love watching him right before I go to sleep at night. He’s going to be around for a while and, like a Shondra Rhimes show, I find great comfort in that.



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