The Emotional Stages of the Guns N’ Roses Reunion

I’ve shared my excitement before about the reunion of some of the original members of Guns N’ Roses, my favorite band.

Last Friday, the group’s website and social media accounts posted a mysterious (or not so mysterious) video announcing their summer tour. It gave a list of U.S. cities they would be stopping in, but no dates. Typical GNR, really.

By now my excitement has grown to an all time high. I’m at the the ready to purchase tickets. I’ve mapped out all the cities I could plausibly get to for a show (as luck has it, Iowa didn’t make the list). I’ve got a GNR Google Alert set up. I’ve signed up for their newsletter. I stalk their social media more than I am willing to admit at this time. I. Am. Ready.

And all this anticipation makes me wonder if other fans are going through this insane roller coaster of emotions, too. This has been too many years in the making. We’re allowed to be a little crazy, right?

Here’s what’s happened to me so far:

-I was home this past weekend for Easter and when the video was posted about the tour cities I screamed.

-And after I screamed I cried.

-And after I cried I showed the video to my mom, who did not care that much.

-So I cried some more.

-Then I tried showing the video to my dad and brother, who cared even less.

-Cried again.

-Took to social media and posted articles and thoughts on my glee, with lots of “!!!!!!.”

-Even posted about it on Facebook (and I never overshare on the Facebook).

-I texted several friends and told them to clear their summer calendars and to start budgeting. “You are going to this with me whether you like it or not.” (Note: I have extremely kind, patient friends who have been worried this time would come someday, and who have prepared accordingly.)

-I started checking my bank account. How expensive are these tickets going to be? How much am I willing to pay to be in the same place as Axl Rose for a night? The answer was something close to, “No, no. You’ll sell your soul if you have to.”

-Pause for some time for me to be truly upset about the rumors that Axl might be singing for AC/DC. Like, what? One thing you need to know about me is that I love Guns N’ Roses with all my heart, but can’t stand AC/DC. And now I’ve made the whole situation about me.

-I started mapping out the closest cities and googling how close they really were and if there were direct freeways from Des Moines to wherever I needed to go. (I’m thinking Kansas City and Chicago are my best options, with St. Louis as a backup.)

-The day after the announcement, I checked the GNR social accounts every hour, maybe even every 15 minutes. When was the next announcement coming? What are the dates? And, more importantly, what are the venues?!ย  (There still hasn’t been anymore info released, by the way.)

-When I drove from my parents house in Minnesota back to Des Moines after the weekend, there was a roughly three hour window where I could have missed something online and I was really worried about it the whole drive.

-Truth be told, I’m starting to get a little frustrated now. LIKE JUST TELL US ALREADY!


And to think, I’ve waited my entire life for this. And I think the band is just getting started with their teases. They are Guns N’ Roses after all.


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