The Real Problem With ‘Ghostbusters’

I’ve been walking around the last few months thinking I was the only person on this earth that is actually excited for the new “Ghostbusters” movie. And I may be right.

But it’s time to get blunt. I don’t think the all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters” is going to be bad. I may even venture to say it could be good. It’s got everything going for it actually. The brilliant Paul Feig is directing. He’s done everything from “Bridesmaids” to “Arrested Development.” It’s got a great cast, obviously. It’s being released in July, a great time for a summer blockbuster. It has the support of Dan Aykroyd and company. Hell, it’s even got a Hemsworth in it!

Usually we grab on to things like “Ghostbusters” and hold on for dear life. Our nostalgia always gets the best of us. So why this time is no one excited for a reboot? So what if it’s not “Gilmore Girls.” It’s something we’ve loved in the past and now it has women!

Of course, people were rightfully annoyed that Leslie Jones’ character is a subway worker, while the other (white) female leads are the scientists, directly copying the original. Feig’s reasoning on it was from a comedy standpoint: He didn’t want Melissa McCarthy to play the same character she’s played in his last three movies, as the role was originally written for her.

Political correctness aside, “Ghostbusters” really suffers because of its marketing. We never like to think about a company trying to sell us something, but that’s what a film trailer essentially is. We watch trailers all the time, hoping to find a film to go see in a theater. In order to get us to go to an actual theater, though, studios have to pull out all the big guns when it comes to a movie’s trailer, and that wasn’t done with “Ghostbusters.” And we all know the drama that’s been going on with Sony these last few years.

A bad trailer, or worse, a misleading trailer, can ruin the life of a film completely. The “Ghostbusters” trailer is full of cheap jokes about ghost goo and breasts. Even the opening scrolling words about 30 years earlier is utterly incorrect. The entire trailer is a joke. And the director and actors have no power over what’s presented in it. It’s all up to the studio.

With a horrible trailer out on the Internet, people have seen it and decided to bash it and dismiss “Ghostbusters” all together. And that doesn’t really seem fair. But the true imbalance is that most people complaining about “Ghostbusters” being “bad” are people who have never seen the trailer, and who have certainly never seen the original.

To those people I say this:

First, go watch the original “Ghostbusters” movie. It’s not great in my opinion. It’s classic, but a lot of it doesn’t hold up. I don’t find it laugh out loud funny and the gags are the same that you disliked in the reboot’s trailer.

And secondly, try thinking about why you’re saying you don’t like the trailer. Is it because you saw others tweet about it being a disappointment? Maybe you should wait until July when the film actually hits theaters and form your own opinion only after you’ve seen it.

Lastly, if you say the movie will be bad because it stars a group of women, then you’ll notice I didn’t mention anything about that in this post, because that reasoning is invalid.


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