Dory Grew Up and So Did I

June has been a whirlwind and none of it in the way I would have expected. I’ve barely seen any movies at this point in my summer and I just saw “Finding Dory” over the past weekend (and yes, I do realize it’s already Tuesday night).

The last few months seem to have slipped right through my fingers. I’ve been busy with work and my personal life. It’s funny actually how weirdly balanced my life has become since taking a new job and doing more adventurous things in my free time.

Over the 4th of July weekend I’ll be headed to Chicago to see the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour. An event that I’ve been waiting for since seventh grade. I’ve barely been able to concentrate at work because I’m so excited. Any moment a coworker wants to talk I casually remind them that I’ll be gone on Friday at the concert. They just nod politely, not really understanding how their blonde, mild-tempered Communications Manager could be such a headbanging punk outside of the office.

I don’t know when I became such a traveling machine. Last week I was on a trip to New York City. It was my third time in the Big Apple and it was the first time I really experienced it as a seasoned visitor. I no longer felt like a tourist, finding myself running into the street, disregarding traffic signage and rolling my eyes at people who were trying to figure out how to read the Subway map.

It wasn’t until last week that I realized just how grown up I had become in the last few months. I renewed the lease to my apartment. I called the bank. I ate tapas. I went to “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway and didn’t totally hate it. I toured Yankee Stadium with my diehard Yankee fan of a brother and knew where right field was. I argued with my parents about Subway directions and was actually right! Hell, I barely even took any photos in NYC because I was too busy enjoying it like an adult. Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.38.28 PM

How does any of this relate to our friend Dory? Simple; Dory is a fish with short-term memory loss who has to grow up a bit and fend for herself in a giant ocean to get what she wants in “Finding Dory.” True, I don’t suffer from memory loss (only occasionally) and am not a fish, but Dory and I have both overcome a lot of obstacles to be the deciders of our own lives.

And with adulthood comes the acceptance of the fact that you don’t have all the answers and are figuring it out as you go along. When I finally got to see “Finding Dory” I was actually on a date. It was super adult (aside from the fact that I made him take me to a kid movie).

I kept thinking to myself in the theater, “When did I become this person? When did Dory and I get so smart?” Dory’s smart because she’s Ellen Degeneres. Maybe I just found a little bit more confidence in myself lately.


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