You Can’t Save a Person Who Doesn’t Want to be Saved

You can’t save a person who doesn’t want to be saved.

No matter how much you want to.

And no matter how much he needs the saving.

Because in the end, you will be the one who gets hurt. And he knows that.

He won’t let you save him because he’s trying to protect you.

And as awful as it may feel to be rejected in that way, it’s for the best.

You can’t make him want to fix himself.

And you certainly can’t fix his issues for him.

Even if his broken pieces make him seem hot.

Because we love a person with demons.

And we love to think that we can be the one to hold his hand and destroy those demons with him.

But you can’t.

It’s not your job to save him.

Even if you know you can help him.

Even when you could make a list in your head of all the things you could do together that would save him.

There’s nothing wrong with you because you can’t save him, either.

He’s trying to save you in a way.

He doesn’t want to involve you in his problems.

You can tell him until you’re blue in the face how those things don’t matter to you.

How you just want to be with him.

But in the end, he knows, and you know, that’s not healthy for either one of you.

He’s right when he says you’re not good for each other.

And he’s right when he says that you still need to be friends.

Because friendship is what someone deserves when you care about them.

And even though he acts almost defensive, he is sorry.

Friends can tell when the other is sorry, even if he doesn’t have the strength to say it out loud.

Even if he makes you feel bad.

He is sorry.

So now, it’s OK if you still cry listening to Foo Fighters at 3 a.m.

It’s OK if you still care about him.

There will always be parts of him that you love.

But your heart will heal. You’ll be happy again.

You’ll find someone that makes you happy like he made you happy.

And that person will be ready for you. Ready to love you.

And maybe some day he’ll figure things out, too.

And you’ll hope that he knows he could have deserved a girl like you.

He deserves the world.

And you hope he can be happy too and he can know how special he is.

You hope that he’ll see all the wonderful things in himself that you saw.

But he has to do that all on his own. Without you. Without anyone.

Because you can’t save a person who doesn’t want to be saved.

But maybe he can save himself.

Just like you’ve learned to save yourself.


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