I Am Liz Lemon.


A lot of things about TV upset me and can send me into a crabby tailspin of dramatic essay writing about how important multi-cam sitcoms are.

Fear not, this is not one of those posts. It is, however, an ode to the character I can always come back to: “30 Rock’s” Liz Lemon.

Not only is “30 Rock” an underrated and under-sighted comedy, it’s one of the most relatable. Although I don’t know what it’s like to be a TV writer like Tina Fey and I don’t currently have Alec Baldwin down the hall to give me fast take advice, it gets me all the same. Liz if a single, independent, smart, and wildly inappropriate woman. Silly things make her upset like men buying her drinks in bars and thumb rings. She is real in so many ridiculous and terrifying ways. And I love her for it.

And sometimes, when I feel like I’m struggling or feel like I have one misstep after another, I turn to Liz to remind me that there’s nothing more important than staying true to yourself.

But instead of rambling on about Liz Lemon, here’s a series of quotes that speak to me on a spiritual level:



Yes, at times, humans tend to let other humans down.



Of course, we all know my wine glass would just be full of tequila.



Rejection is the realest kind of emotion.



That actually sounds nice.



Life beats you down. And not sleeping is its own kind of hell.






My world view.



Jesus, is that me?



This is a very important question I ask often.


Thanks, Liz! We are the same person, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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